Can I pay with Visa or bank transfer?

Unfortunately not. We do not accept FIAT currency. We only convert to fiat to pay suppliers who will not accept cryptocurrency.

What currencies do you accept?

We only accept cryptocurrencies. At the moment we are accepting BAT, BTC, BCH, BTT, DASH, DCR, DGB, DOGE, ETH, ETC, GNT, LTC, MCO, OMG, TRX, TUSD ERC20, USDC erc20, USDT ERC20, USDT OMNI, XMR, XVG, and ZEC, ZRX. Please note we do not accept Bcash SV as this chain is a nonsensical fork and should not be accommodated in any way, all payments made via this chain will be lost. Please contact us if you wish to pay in a different coin, we can most likely facilitate this providing it is listed on Binance or Bittrex.

Why Can’t I pay with Xrp, Eos or Xlm?

Unfortunately, our checkout provider does not offer the function to add the tags that Binance requires for deposits. We do apologize and we will endeavor to fix this as soon as is possible.

What’s the difference in paying with Bitcoin or Monero?

Due to the public nature of the Bitcoin blockchain and the fact our receiving wallets being public, your payment wallet address allow exploration of your funds wallet information as well as all previous and future transactions. When paying via Bitcoin you acknowledge the public aspect of this payment method along with the ease at which payments can be tracked remotely via a third party externally with no need for our permission to gain access or track your payment.

When paying via Monero no block explorer or details are available to either the public or the core development team which means our records will show nothing but the amount paid and your shipping details. Using this method negates all aspects of being able to view and track payments completely.

Please consider carefully which payment method you choose.

How do I know my coins are safe when having a wallet ID engraved?

For us to engrave a receiving wallet address all we require is your public key, this is a view-only key and allows you to receive payments. None of the data you send us allows us access to your coins. Please see our PGP details on the privacy policy page for details on how to encrypt your data for extra piece of mind. After engraving all public key details are deleted fully.

Can I have custom items commissioned?

Yes. All of our items are custom made exactly to your request. Please feel free to either commission a unique piece with our design team as guidance or have adjustments made to our current stock range.

Where do your diamonds come from?

We only buy our diamonds from a registered broker who has seats on the Diamond bourse in London. This allows us to give a personal service when selecting your diamonds. Almost all diamonds when chosen by the public are selected via the certificate ratings alone, not all A-rated diamonds are equal when it comes to fire and brilliance. We believe the experience of our broker’s eye far outweighs choosing via the certificate rating.

Are your diamonds certified?

We only stock and supply GIA certified diamonds. All diamonds come with a certificate.

How do I know the metals used are exactly as advertised?

All of our gold and silver come marked with hallmarks from the royal Belgium mint and can be fully verified.

What postage method do you use?

All Items above £100 are sent recorded delivery, all other items are sent first class.

Are the stock-photos images of the actual product I will receive?

Yes. All images unless clearly specified are photographs taken of our stock and are identical to the items you will receive.

Can I communicate via an encrypted method?

Please see our PGP page for details should you wish to discuss an order via an encrypted method. Any public keys we receive will remain on our system until removal is requested.