Privacy Policy

Here at Decentralized Boutique Ltd we take privacy very seriously both in the legal and moral aspect of the term.

How long do we keep your records?

When placing an order as a guest we will keep your order details on our database for 1 month after your purchase, after this period, by default all personal and order details will be removed. Should you wish to have your information removed before this period you may do so on request.

Customers may choose to create an account before or during the checkout process, in this instance we will keep both the account and purchase details in our database indefinitely and you will be added to our monthly mailing list. Customers can request to have their account removed at any time along with part or all of their personal details, personal details will then be removed permanently as requested.

Who do you share our records with?

We will not share any records unless forced to do so via a warrant from the relevant law enforcement authority.

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